This Native has some serious Tiki-issues! You can help him get rid of this by throwing explosive coconuts at them. Fun guaranteed!

Chaos on a tropical island

This island inhabitant has had his mouth full of tiki's, and has sworn to make an end to it. It's up to you to restore his inner peace. And what better way to do this than to blow every remaining tiki on the island to tiny little pieces with your exploding nuts?

Play the mission to set an online highscore or play the separate levels for a local score. There are 2 difficulty levels to challenge yourself with. The further you get, the harder it becomes!

How it works

Throw your coconuts as close to the tikis as possible. Do this by putting you finger no the screen, move up or down to set the angle, and left or right for the power of your throw. Let go to release the coconut and await the mayhem! There is a time bonus per level and and extra bonus for leftover coconuts. So plan your throws well!

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