About Supportware

Supportware is a software development company from the Netherlands. We have been developing apps for the iPhone since the Appstore opened its virtual doors in 2008. Our first application was a collaboration with Buienradar.nl, the extremely popular weatersite providing Dutch weather information. Next were our first game Elevens and WikiMe. Elevens is a fastpaced addictive card game. WikiMe was one of the first apps to integrate the GPS location of the iPhone to provide information about the users surrounding area by listing location-tagged WikiPedia articles. WikiMe was well received by various websites and magazines, writing great reviews.

Supportware at MIX2011

Poppin Frenzy was recently mentioned at the Microsoft MIX event by Miguel de Icaza in his session "Mono: State of the Union".


Our greatest succes have been our Football apps My Football and My Football Pro. These apps both made it into several top downloaded lists and managed to maintain that status for an extensive period of time. We are still further developing these apps to create a better user experience.


All and all we have grown quite a bit since making our first app. This resulted in more complex projects like Coconut Riot, which was completely built using the Unity3D engine. With the coming of the iPad and other tablets we are able to broaden our vision on software. Our main goal is developing apps which we love using ourselves and hopefully reach out to a large audience by doing so.

For more information about our apps, please visit the specific pages.

Other platforms

Mobile applications have made a tremendous step forward over the last few years. The iPhone is no longer the only big player in this market. Other platforms are also trying to get their piece in the greatly popular mobile phone market.

Of course we also must keep up with these trends and love to dive into new technology that comes along. We have also developed for the new Windows Phone 7 and Android platform for example.