We at Supportware love football, and we love games. That's why we created My Football Manager Online. A new and refreshing football manager game!

My Football Manager Online

My Football Manager Online offers a new and refreshing way to play online football manager games. Play it anywhere, anytime. Challenge your friends or try your luck against a random opponent.

Traditional football manager games focus on managing a lot of aspects around the team and the club. Matches are simulated overnight or directly without any interaction. You have little or no influence on the results of the matches.

My Football Manager does things differently. The game is all about playing matches, where your tactical and coaching skills are put to the test. You won't have to worry about making enough money or your players fitness in between matches. No more distractions. Just focus on the game!

Victory is only 6 turns away!

Every match is played in 6 turns. After every turn, the next 15 minutes of the match are simulated, and you can view the results minute by minute. You can change your tactics per turn, always trying to stay one step ahead of your opponent. Start playing more defensive when your ahead or give it everything you've got for a deciding goal in the last quarter! Take control of the match.

In app purchases

Premium Feature Package
Enables you to edit your team logo and change the names of your players. New features that are added to the premium package will automatically become available for active users. Premium features are valid for 90 days and linked to your My Football Manager Online account.

Remove Ads
Remove all ads from the app. (Purchase is linked to your My Football Manager Online account)


Upcoming features

Create your own cups (Premium package) - Create cups and add friends to play with you or enable others to join.

What others are saying

Pocketgamer.co.uk - "My Football Manager Online for iPhone is looking to tap into that Draw Something competitive spirit."