Want to know more about where you are? WikiMe provides you with the most interesting WikiPedia information about your current location!


WikiMe is a fun and interesting way to find Wikipedia articles for your current location or a postal code of your choice. By default WikiMe uses the current location found by your device to search for geotagged Wikipedia articles near you. It's unlike the experience you have when browsing to the Wikipedia website, because of the geotagged articles WikiMe searches for, you get articles related to a location.

You can use a postal code to search for a specific location. This feature is especially interesting when you want to read information about a place you are going to or where you have been. You can read articles in the following languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, PortuguČŕese, Polish, Dutch, Esperanto, Suomi, Swedish, Norwegian, Japanese.

WikiMe provides you with a new and interesting way to view location based Wikipedia articles.


"Awesome stuff for touring, or just learning more about your city, especially if you live in a large metro area with lots of tagged articles." - Gizmodo

"Putting the iPhone's location-awareness to clever use, WikiMe leverages Wikipedia to put a kind of virtual tour guide in the palm of your hand. It's a must-have for vacationers." - Maclife.com

"Using WikiMe I learned more about my town in five minutes than I had in the five years I have lived here. It is a great little app and best of all it is inexpensive." - Whatsoniphone.com

"One thing you can say about this application is that it provides value. I've found myself referring to this application many time while away from home. The results it finds are interesting, educational, and surprising at times." - 148apps.com